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The Voice behind the Microphone – Rockin A

Name: Rockin A
Broadcast: Hard & Easy, The Bert`s
Founder of LA Rocks Radio in 2012
Style: Melodic Rock, Hard Rock

I was born in the late fifties in Baden Württemberg. Parents ran several catering businesses in Germany, which Grandparents ran a bakery in Rudersberg. Being Jewish, they did not want to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and were therefore looking for something new. So it was no wonder that i completed an apprenticeship as a businessman after his school education. However, I never worked in my apprenticeship profession, but started an apprenticeship as a bartender with the Americans at the American Hotel.

In the 80’s I got there my first contact with rock music which developed into my great love. After various activities as a DJ in Germany and abroad, it came as it had to come – I was noticed! Thrilled by my taste in music and by my loose sayings, the Radio Scouts sent me straight to Bernie Kühl in South Tyrol to Radio Brenner. Here, in the early 80’s, I took my first steps in the radio business and learned about my boss at that time, Michael Hufnagel, the job as a presenter and music editor.

Just in time for the start of private radio in Germany I joined Radio 92.2 and later Radio Fantasy in Augsburg. With listener numbers of far more than 250000 (!) I became an integral part of the Bavarian music scene. Besides my moderation I also worked in the journalistic field. Together with Bernhard Leitenmeier (B.B.Stonestein) the Rockfabrik newspaper of Roland Bock Senior. The Rock factories thus became my second home in the proverbial sense. I came even closer to rock music, felt the pulse and heartbeat of the rock ‘n’ rollers and was thus able to take a look behind the scenes.

Not only did I get closer to rock music but also to its protagonists such as Lemmy von Motörhead, Ingwie Malmsteen or Lee Aaron to name but a few. Mostly we spent very sociable evenings together, had a drink or two, sometimes a little bit more and often we ended up in an establishment on the outskirts of town where I or we spent the night in pleasant company. Andreas Leotta, the manager of the Rockfabrik, is still a good friend of mine. In those days he had a lot of musical influence on me with his contacts in the dazzling world of the rock music scene!

The good old days are more than spread out in my radio show Hard & Easy, richly garnished with stories that my life has written.

At the moment I am working as a dispatcher, with my friend and radio partner Hubert Teichmann, at the BBG – Staudenbahn.
I carry out my work with great passion and joy for the perennials (beautiful area in Bavaria).

Keep on rockin.

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