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The Voice Behind the Microphone – Meggy Schneider

Name: Meggy Schneider
Broadcast: Loud & Proud / every 1st Friday of the month.
Music Style: Rock

I was born on 21.7. in Unterthingau (Germany – East Allgaeu). Besides music my biggest hobby is soccer. Club technically I am more “red” oriented – FC Bayern Munich.

I love good food and so it happens that I also like to go out for dinner with friends – preferably beer / wine / grapefruit spritzer and Captain Morgan sprayed with grapefruit.

When it comes to traveling, I clearly have 2 favorites – Italy and England.
I think I can say that I am a citizen of the world and open to all sides.

My love is not only for music and food no, also nature, spiritism and philosophy has its place in my life.

Cinema – for me there is for example “Joe Black”, “Dancing with the Wolf” and of course the “Eberhofer Krimis” (Bavarian cult thrillers).

As you can see, I am versatile and open-minded but there are also some things I can’t stand and that are “intolerance” and “disloyalty”!

Stay Tuned – Kill the Dragon / Let the River flow

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