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The Voice Behind the Microphone – Luchs

Name: Luchs (pronounced like “looks”)
Broadcast: Rock Corner
Music Style: Hard Rock and Metal (but it can happen that I play my other preferences, e.g. Art Rock, Progressive Rock, AOR, Southern Rock etc.)

Born in 1964, I heard a lot of music with my parents, especially a lot of old swing (my father loved it). The first LP I bought myself was “The Sweet – Desolation Boulevard”, from then on my taste in music developed in all directions of rock music. Led Zeppelin have been and remain my favorite band since my youth.

I’ve been doing web radio since 2008, hundreds of old radio shows are still dusty and forgotten on the hard drive. So many unknown songs and bands were and are in my radio shows, I love to share them.

Is there any rock music that I don’t like? Ok, punk and death metal are not my friends, but otherwise ….. so let yourself be surprised, because the old Luchs also loves soft music.

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