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The Voice behind the Microphone – Jack Olives

Name: Jack Olives
Broadcast: Homecoming
Music Style: everything that goes into the ear or the legs! everything that runs down your back hot or cold!

This is not a test …. this is Rock’n’Roll – How to start my show “Homecoming”
Fridays from 16:00 o’clock at LA Rocks Radio.

Hello everyone, my name is Jack Olives and I have loved radio since I can remember. I “produced” my first “broadcasts” with my father’s dictation machine. Since then, this medium has never let me go.

I have designed and accompanied radio in all kinds of countries, functions and situations. And as it is, life often leads you away from exactly what you actually like to do best. That’s why I was all the more pleased when “Rocking A” came up to me to bring me into his fabulous team with the paternal words “Radio is like riding a bicycle … you never forget it”.

In fact, I am an insane record collector, musician and sound tinkerer. All things that I can live out wonderfully in my show “Homecoming”.

“Homecoming” because the show is a kind of coming home for me – back to handmade radio. And for you the show is the gateway to the weekend, when you come home from a busy week to start your weekend relaxed and with good music.

Musically you can find me between the 60s and today – with everything that goes in your ear – or in your leg – or hot and cold running down your back. Old, known, new, rare … well shaken, not stirred. Let us surprise you!

I’m looking forward to your visit either right here in Clearwater Beach, FL or on Facebook or Spotify, where you can listen to the songs of the show again.

“Homecoming with Jack Olives … makes you so f**king wet”

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