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The Voice Behind the Microphone – Hubert Teichmann

Name: Hubert Teichmann
Program: The Berts
Music Style: Rock

“Railroad is heavy metal”

Actually Albert Fink is to blame for everything… Ever since I heard him on Radio Fantasy in the 80s, I’ve been into rock music. I experienced my first rock concert when I was 16, in Augsburg of course and of course with Bonfire and Claus Lessmann. Decades later I got to know Albert personally, at the presentation of our Bonfire locomotive. We immediately made friends and I started my show Rock n’ Loc at LA Rocks-Radio. Because of a temporary disagreement, our paths then parted. My show Rock n’ Loc has been on Melodic Radio every Thursday ever since. At the same time I was able to establish the Rock n’ Loc festival of the same name, which takes place annually in the perennials, unless Covid 19 prevents it.

On the initiative of Helmuth Treichel the paths of Albert and me came together again. We buried the hatchet and we started the humorous program “The Berts”, which is broadcast every Sunday from 4 pm on LA Rocks Radio. My radio boss at Melodic Radio, Mario Mielke, liked the show so much that it can now be heard on his station at the same time.

Professionally, my path led me to the railroad after my community service as a geriatric nurse and a degree in business administration. After my “apprenticeship years” with the German Federal Railways, I became regional manager in the Stauden and at the same time founded the companies of the Staudenbahn (BBG and SVG), whose managing director I have been for 20 years now. At the same time I am still working as an engine driver.

With all the many ups and downs in the last decades, rock music and meeting like-minded people, especially over the radio, has given me a lot of strength. Thank you for that and to further rock experiences, especially in difficult times.

My motto: Don’t do as you would be done by!
Favorite region: Bavarian Forest
Favorite singer: Claus Lessmann
Favourite band: Arctic Rain (currently)
My heart’s desire: my wonderful 4 children
Favorite drink: Bavarian beer named Augustiner

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