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The Voice Behind the Microphone – Arno alias Fischmän

Name: Arno alias DJ Fischmän
Broadcast: Classic Rock & The Fischmän Radio Show
Music Style: Rock

At the age of 8-9 years I was infected by the virus rock music through the sound of bands like Sweet, Slade, T.Rex and various others.

This lasts up to the present time and until today I love rock music with all its facets. Because of my love for rock music and my passion for collecting vinyl my career as a disc jockey started in 1980. This led me to this day in Germany and Europe in many clubs and as a mood setter in even more weddings and birthdays, of course always on the road on behalf of the Lord – always in rock music of course.

Only 6 years ago Albert Fink alias Rockin A. brought me to the radio.Since then I am here on La Rocks Radio with two broadcasts in the middle of a horny team.

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