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Keith Richards: “Every day is a pleasure”!

LOS ANGELES (FirstNews) – Keith Richards has escaped death several times over the years. Be it through drug addiction, house fires or various stage accidents.

In an interview with “GQ-Magazine” he said on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the band “Rolling Stones” in 2022: “First of all I will get through this year and see how we deal with it next year. Because I think there are more important problems than a Rolling Stones celebration at the moment. I’m very happy that we’re all here and I’ll keep it that way if I can. The interviewer then asked the musician: “People have asked you in interviews when you will die in the last 50 years. How satisfying is it to still be here?” To which he replied: “Every day is a pleasure. I mean, I don’t want to defy anyone’s predictions and I’m really not interested in them. But I will croak when I croak and everyone will know it.”

Source: FirstNews

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