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Jimmy Carter – The Rock & Roll President

Like no other US president, Jimmy Carter was publicly enthusiastic about popular music – much to the delight of the US music stars who campaigned for him in the 1977 election. The documentary takes a completely new look at the now 96-year-old “rock’n’roll president” – and shows the decisive role that pop music played in his election victory.

The documentary shows how a largely unknown candidate from Georgia was elected 39th President of the United States in 1976 – and what a decisive role popular music played in those days. The close friendship with numerous famous American music stars gave the candidate Jimmy Carter unexpected impetus during his election campaign and eventually led him to the White House. Carter was able to reach voters across the country – beyond ethnic, political and religious barriers. During his four-year presidency, his close relationships continued with Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Gregg Allman and countless other stars of pop, jazz, country and gospel music. Often the garden of the White House was a campus for open-air festivals.

In 1980, Carter lost the election to Ronald Reagan and then founded the Carter Center, a non-profit foundation for international development work, together with his wife. In 2002 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his peace efforts (Camp David) and his commitment to development policy. To this day, Carter, his wife Rosalynn and many of his musician friends are on the road in crisis areas and actively involved in projects. In her new documentary film, Emmy-award winning US director Mary Wharton (“Joan Baez – How Sweet the Sound”) presents a moving portrait of a great humanist.

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