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Glen Ample – Rock Music Made in Austria

Classic rock with modern influences and lots of power is what happens when you put 2 styrians and a canadian in a room. With the goal of bringing rock music back to the forefront of the modern music scene, the 3 purebred musicians always give 120%.

A great live show, fat basslines, powerful vocals, fat guitar riffs and a sexy drummer are only some of the things that make this band special.

With their current single “Don’t Kill” they want to conquer the rock scene and the stairway to heaven to convince new fans of what they’re made of. Like their Motto “Don’t kill rock’n’roll” they’re living their dream. Big things are to follow!

Glen Ample are: Matt Hain (Drums) / Gabe L. (Lead Vocals, Bass) / Dany T (Guitar, Backing Vocals).

Visit www.glenample.at

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