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Alice Cooper announces new Album

The fans had to wait a long time for it, but now the time has finally come: On February 26th the new record by Alice Cooper will be released.

It is entitled “Detroit Stories”. As the name suggests, the album was named after the city where the success story of the band “Alice Cooper” began, reports “networking Media”. Cooper himself said: “Detroit really was the place for heavy rock. In the Eastown, for example, you could see ‘Alice Cooper’, Ted Nugent, ‘The Stooges’ and ‘The Who’ in one evening, and all for 4 dollars! Then the next weekend at the Grande, ‘MC5’, ‘Brownsville Station’ and ‘Fleetwood Mac’ were on stage, or ‘Savoy Brown’ and the ‘Small Faces’. As a soft-rock band you had no business being there. Los Angeles had its own sound with ‘The Doors’, ‘Love’ and ‘Buffalo Springfield’- In San Francisco there was ‘The Grateful Dead’ and ‘Jefferson Airplane’. In New York there was ‘The Rascals’ and ‘The Velvet Underground’. But in Detroit angry hard rock was born. Alice Cooper’ with her guitar-heavy hard rock sound and her crass stage show simply didn’t fit in anywhere in the USA, neither musically nor image-wise. Detroit was the only place where outsiders like us could fit in. And when people found out that I was born in East Detroit… we were home.

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